Meet the Partners

Our people are committed to knowing you and to building a relationship with you and your organization. And it's our people that you contact when you have an idea or need our expertise. At Seim Johnson, we work hard to attract and retain the brightest and the best in order to provide you the most qualified business partner possible outside of your own organization.

We hope that we will have the opportunity to get to know more about you, your goals and your dreams, so that we can provide you the services you need, when you need them.

Jeremy J. Behrens

Wendy2 Cropped2
Wendy R. Cooley

Brian M. Csipkes
Dubas 2 Cropped Photoshop2
Marty J. Dubas
Eitzmann 2 Cropped Photoshop
Tony T. Eitzmann
Friehauf 5 Cropped Photoshop
Brent T. Friehauf
Brian D. Green 
Grindle 2380
Dennis K. Grindle
Daniel L. Hassel
Gretchin S. Heckenlively
Randy D. Hoffman
Justin Hope
Justin M. Hope
Karmazin 2 Cropped Photoshop3
Kelly W. Karmazin
Randy10 380b
Randy E. Kathol

Meyer 3 Cropped Photoshop
Janie M. Meyer
Ben J. Miller
Jerry M. O'Doherty
Darren R. Osten
Jess D. Paisley
Schnack 3 Cropped Photoshop
Tom H. Schnack
Jim L. Sousley
 Swan 2 Cropped Photoshop
Daniel K. Swan
 Roger3 Face
Roger E. Thompson