Eide Bailly Alliance

The Eide Bailly Alliance is a member-based association of non-competing CPA firms that have access to resources, experience, and service specialties—through Eide Bailly and fellow member firms. The primary goal of the Alliance is simple and straightforward: to be an investment that will add ongoing value to member firms and their clients.

Our relationship with the Eide Bailly Alliance allows us access to an extensive network of resources, right at our fingertips. While we may not be the largest CPA firm you could work with, we do have the backing of one of the largest CPA firm associations in the country.

Benefits of our partnership with the Alliance include:

  • Ongoing education through networking, meetings, webinars, and more with industry/service specialists
  • Access to tax and assurance professionals around the world
  • Access to industry-specific resources
  • Collaborative go-to-market opportunities
  • CPE training programs and courses
Eide Bailly Alliance