Career Development

When it comes to our team, we want everyone to feel confident with their skills, know that they are contributing to their clients, and clearly see their path for progression within the firm. After all, the firm does not succeed unless our people succeed. Whether you aspire to become a partner or have other career goals, we will empower you to succeed and reward you when you do.

Our staff includes: Associates, Seniors, Managers, Senior Managers and Partners as Well as Paraprofessionals. Individuals progress at their own pace through the following positions:

An ASSOCIATE is an individual with a college degree in accounting or other related business field. Associates are expected to become familiar with the firm's policies and procedures, understand the rules, regulations, and code of professional conduct of the AICPA and progress professionally by passing the CPA exam or other professional certification.

A SENIOR will have passed the CPA exam and will usually have at least two years of experience. Seniors are expected to know and understand the reasons behind the firm's policies and procedures; possess technical knowledge sufficient to supervise Associates; plan, supervise and complete routine engagements; and begin developing skills necessary to develop quality client relationships.

MANAGERS and SENIOR MANAGERS are professionals with technical proficiency and the ability to supervise, direct and complete engagements. Managers and Senior Managers are expected to plan, supervise, and complete engagements; supervise Associates and Seniors; provide feedback to them and evaluate their progress; become experts in their assigned areas; develop new client contacts and relationships beneficial to the firm; recognize opportunities to provide additional services to existing clients and assist in firm administrative functions.

PARTNERS are professionals that maintain client relationships, make sure we are identifying and meeting client needs, and maintain a high level of technical expertise in their areas of specialization. They exhibit success in relationship building and managerial abilities and also provide leadership within the firm and outside of the office through civic and community activities.