Just as all firms are not alike, not all internships are alike. At Seim Johnson, we offer students several different internship opportunities that offer great experience and exposure to different aspects of public accounting. You can select the one that fits you or your schedule best. All of our internships are paid and offer real experiences where you will contribute at a professional level and interact with clients.

Audit Internship

This internship is a six-week full-time program, beginning in mid-July, where you will work side-by-side with other professionals as a member of audit teams. Your internship will begin with two weeks of hands-on training and case-study problems to get you ready for real client experiences. The remaining four weeks you will participate in field work of various audits in a variety of industries.

Tax Internship

You guessed it. This internship runs January through April, and is designed to give you experience within the area of tax services. It is structured so that you can continue taking classes during your internship. Tax season interns will commit 15 or more hours per week to the internship, scheduled around classes. We welcome you to work as much as you'd like and your schedule allows. You will begin with a week or more of classroom style training to orient you to our processes, applications and tools. Then, you will get to apply your training to actual client assignments, including individuals, businesses, trusts, and more.

Consulting Internship

At Seim Johnson, we offer students the opportunity to learn about this unique service area of public accounting with a consulting internship. Our consulting interns ideally work 20-30 hours per week from the months of January - April. Interns will be involved in: financial analysis, benchmarking and feasibility studies, shareholder buyin/buyout calculations, executive compensation planning and analysis, tax compliance work, and healthcare consulting engagements. You will work closely as an intern with our experienced consultants who will teach you more than you thought possible during your internship.