Employee Benefit Plans

We have developed a specialized team of individuals that are specifically trained to work with employee benefit plans. Each of our employee benefit plan professionals spends a considerable amount of time working in the employee benefit plan arena, and stays current in this highly technical practice area by attending various continuing education programs including the annual AICPA National Conference on Employee Benefit Plans and other relevant seminars.

Our employee benefit plan professionals provide audit and consulting services to employee benefit plans in all sizes with varying degrees of complexity. Total net assets of the plans we serve range from approximately $50,000 to over $800,000,000. The number of participants in those plans range from 1 to approximately 13,000.

The plans we work with also hold a variety of asset types. Stocks and mutual funds are the most common, but we also work with plans that hold pooled separate accounts, group annuity contracts, 401(h) accounts, guaranteed interest accounts, and limited partnerships.

Services we provide to employee benefit plans include:

  • Pension, health and welfare, 401(k), 403(b), and governmental audits
  • 5500 compliance
  • Timeliness of deposits
  • Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Determination of the fair value of investments
  • Communications to participants
  • Compliance corrections
  • Discrimination testing
  • Preparing IRS Form 5500 and summary annual reports

We presently audit over 65 benefit plans. We plan and execute our audits in a way that maximizes audit efficiency and quality, and we offer your plan administrator and human resources personnel confidence in their plan reporting and management.

Our Quality Commitment - As a member of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, we are committed to adhering to the highest quality standards by voluntarily agreeing to the Center membership requirements, which include designating a partner responsible for our employee benefit plan audit practice, establishing quality control programs, performing annual internal inspection procedures, and making our peer review report findings publicly available.

Our goal is to continue to enhance our quality initiatives within our employee benefit plan audit practice to deliver the highest quality audit services possible.