Grant Applications Now Open in Nebraska

On Monday, Governor Pete Ricketts announced a second round of grants, which amount to more than $300 million, from the $1.1 billion which has been allocated to Nebraska from the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The new grants target some businesses that were passed by in the state’s initial round of aid offered back in June, including arenas, ethanol plants, zoos, and massage and tattoo parlors.

The new grants will be available via online applications beginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday, October 21, and ending on November 13. Most of the grants are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Under the CARES Act, the state must allocate its funds by the end of the year, or return them to the federal Treasury.

This phase of funding will be available for select programs as follows:

DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) Administered Programs

  • Stabilization Grant for Charitable Organizations and Licensed Providers, Round 2
  • Healthy Places Grant for Centers of Worship, Round 2

DED (Department of Economic Development) Administered Programs

  • Small Business Stabilization Program, Round 2
  • Livestock Producers Stabilization Program, Round 2
  • Hotels and Convention Centers Stabilization Program
  • Event Centers and Sports Arenas Stabilization Program
  • Restaurants and Bars Stabilization Program
  • Licensed Personal Service Business Stabilization Program
  • Movie Theatre Stabilization Program

Due to the limited number of potentially eligible organizations, the following programs will be administered as direct-solicitation and/or direct-payment programs: 

  • Child Care Stabilization Grant
  • Housing & Shelter Stabilization Grant
  • Food Bank Stabilization Grant
  • Hospital Capacity Grant
  • Ethanol Producers Stabilization Program
  • Zoo Stimulus Program

Upon an award, grantees will receive detailed information about compliance and reporting requirements. Each is advised to document how their funding is used, maintaining books, records and receipts which can be easily accessed should an auditor request to see them in the future. All expenditures should meet federal regulations. Additionally, grantees should document in narrative form the impact the funding has on their organization. All funds must be expended by December 30, 2020.

More information and program applications can be found at the following website: 

Details and Eligibility by Program:

Click Here for Seim Johnson Details and Eligibility by Program (PDF) »