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Seim Johnson to Join Eide Bailly

CPA firm Seim Johnson of Omaha, Neb., will become part of Eide Bailly, a top 25 certified public accounting and business advisory firm in the U.S., on July 25, 2022.

The union will mark Eide Bailly’s first office in Nebraska and will bring 20 partners and 70 staff

4 Tips to Save at the Pump With or Without a Gas Tax Holiday

This article explains that the Biden Administration has proposed a federal gas tax holiday in order to help US citizens with the current gasoline prices. Unfortunately, Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said “if a gas tax holiday coincides with rising wholesale fuel prices, consumers won’t

This article explains some tax-avoiding strategies that the IRS will be flagging down. Some strategies include “concealing assets in offshore accounts and improper reporting of digital assets, non-filing of income tax returns by high-income individuals, abusive syndicated conservation easements, and abusive micro captive insurance arrangements.” The article proceeds to

R&D Tax Credits for Startups

This article explains the significant benefits that startups in 2022 receive when using R&D tax credits. For companies to qualify for R&D tax credits, their ideas must be a new or improved business component for a permitted purpose, include activities technological in nature, have elimination of uncertainty, and use

Gas Saving Tips for Your Summer Travel

This article explains the best money-saving methods for travelers hitting the road this summer. All 50 US states have hit the $4 per gallon mark, and the national average is currently at $4.59. According to AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross, “gas prices are now $1.56 more than a year ago

The Pros and Cons of Running a Business with Family

This article explains how hiring family members can have their strengths and weaknesses. It is much easier to hire a family member rather than a stranger because each person can usually be reliable and dependent on the other. However, in order to keep a happy family, there are several

Tips for Hiring and Retaining Employees

This article discusses how running a small business can be a difficult task, especially when managing your most important asset, the employees. However, by following tips such as upgrading your onboarding checklist software, rewarding employees for their experience, running effective remote meetings, and inspiring through positivity, this task can

8 Ways to Save Startup Money in 2022

This article discusses how many start-up businesses eventually fail, but by utilizing the eight strategies outlined in this link, you will give your start-up business the best chance possible at succeeding and even flourishing. For example, spending the necessary time developing a marketing strategy is essential to engaging your

Communication is Vital for CFOs

In this article, a survey was conducted by Oracle NetSuite to get insights from numerous executives about the importance of each role and their communications skills. The survey “polled small and midsize company leadership in four categories: CFOs, nonfinance executives (other members of the C-suite), finance managers, and nonfinance

This article explains how shoplifters are stealing thousands of dollars from big and small retailers, and how the smaller retailers are handling the situation. Derek Friedman, a small business owner, says that since 2019 shoplifting has been a big financial issue with losses totaling over $200,000. Friedman also said

Small Business Trends to Watch

This link offers a comprehensive breakdown of the small business industry as it stands in 2022. For example, graphs displaying emerging trends, the effect of the pandemic, and hiring numbers are all included. Small businesses are often viewed as the lifeline of America, and these numbers back up that

According to research by Family Enterprise Foundation, younger generation owners are the most committed to preserving the family business. A survey found that “97 percent of next-generation respondents consider it important to sustain the family business, while only 74 percent of senior-generation respondents feel the same.” The importance placed

Leaning Into Digital Transformation in the Nonprofit Sector

One major impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the nonprofit sector was a marked acceleration of technological investment. For many organizations, digital transformation has been the key to surviving—and even thriving—in the face of difficult circumstances, explains Ken Tysiac in a recent article for the Journal of Accountancy. Furthermore, Tysiac

Surviving as a Nonprofit in a Tough Labor Market

Retaining team members in the current labor market is a challenge for most employers, but especially for nonprofits, writes Ken Tysiac in a recent article for the Journal of Accountancy. Many nonprofits experienced a decrease in funding as a result of the pandemic, which makes raising pay difficult. Tysiac suggests

What You Should Know About FASB’s New Lease Standards

After repeated delays, new lease accounting rules—ASC 842—introduced in 2016 are finally in effect as of December 15, 2021, writes Denise McKnight, CPA in a new article from The NonProfit Times. The goal of ASC 842 is to “increase transparency and comparability among organizations.” Nonprofit leaders seeking

Getting Your Nonprofit in Good Shape for Year-End

June 30th is quickly approaching, which means nonprofits need to be preparing for the close of their financial year and the annual audit that comes with it. In a helpful article published by The NonProfit Times, author Christine Hall, CPA offers five recommendations for nonprofits looking to start preparing now

New Insights from The Latest Nonprofit Trends Report

The landscape of nonprofit operations is changing, show the results of the fourth edition of the Nonprofit Trend Report, published annually by A recent article from The NonProfit Times offers a helpful summary of the report’s findings. To learn more about the role that nonprofits play in their communities,

What Trends Should Small Businesses Be Watching in 2022?

This article discusses a variety of trends that small businesses should either be focusing on or not as we continue along in 2022. For example, this link lists shipping status, waiting for the new normal, and the meta-verse as overrated trends that your small business should not be too

Does Your Estate Plan Need Updating to Include Digital Assets?

This article explains the importance of keeping your estate plan up to date, especially since people are living longer and need more options in their documented life. Three sections in your estate plan that should be examined several times include digital assets, guardianship designations, and appropriate names in the

Seim Johnson Named Among Accounting Today’s List of Regional Leaders

Seim Johnson is pleased to announce that the firm was recently named in Accounting Today’s annual “Top 100 Accounting Firms and Regional Leaders” publication.

“I am incredibly honored that Accounting Today chose to include Seim Johnson on their list of Midwest Regional Leaders,” said Jerry O’Doherty, CPA, CGMA, managing partner